Rocky Mountain Research Low Level Alarm Safety Systems

The Liquid Level Sensor That Stands Alone...

LevelSens, a level sensor and detector, notifies operators of low fluid levels in either flexible or rigid reservoirs. Having both medical and industrial applications, the level sensor will alarm audibly and visually when the fluid reservoir level drops below the user-placed sensor and will cease alarming when the fluid level returns. The device does not need to be reset and there is no pump interaction.

  • For Any Flexible or Rigid Fluid Reservoir.
  • Functions on Both Blood and Priming Fluids.
  • Reliable and Simple to Use.
  • No Conflict with Other Devices.
  • Increases Safety. Limits Liability.
  • Powered by a 9 volt Battery.
  • Self Stick, Disposable Sensors.
  • CE Marked

There are two control modules: one designed for use on rigid fluid reservoirs, one designed for flexible fluid reservoirs.

The LevelSens has FDA clearance and has been certified by CSA to IEC 601-1 and UL 2601-1 standards for electrical safety. An independent evaluation has been done by Rocky Mountain Perfusionists of Denver, Colorado. (see abstract)


  • LevelSens - Rigid (Model #201070 for use on rigid reservoirs)
  • LevelSens - Flexible (Model #201110 for use on flexible reservoirs)
  • Disposable sensors - Package of 25 (Product #201073)
    For use with either LevelSens Rigid or Flexible systems. Each package contains 25 individual disposable sensors for use with either the rigid or flexible LevelSens Safety System.
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